Full As Can Be

Life has felt full lately. Days beginning early and ending late. Some days full of work at the computer as I edit and write and keep up with the constant teetering balance of email and production and completing the creative process, seeing projects through. Other days are full of light and love and work behind the camera, initiating that creative process and bringing visions to life. Still others are full of drinks on the deck and laughter around campfires and the glory that is summer in Maine, warmth hard-earned after a long winter. Often the days are a mix of all of these things.

Gardens to be weeded, forests to be run through, laundry to be done, and life to be tended. I embrace this madness for all I'm sometimes exhausted by it. These full days make for full weeks and full months and in that fullness I learn to find the quiet moments, to feel the warm soil on my bare fingers as I weed, to see the rays of setting sun split through the trees as I gallop. 

I have much to share with you here in this space, much to catch up on from these full days. As always, I thank you for being here.