Welcoming Back The Sun

We are in the midst of Midwinter, or Yule, or the winter solstice...call it what you like. These are the shortest of the days of our year, days dominated by night. I welcome and need these short days. As another year comes to an end, I find myself weary of the busy-ness we live in, the frenetic demands of the holiday season, the final push to knock out our year's to-do list.

I welcome the cycle of season, the acknowledgment that rest is vital to creation. I welcome the invitation to allow the stirrings of a new year's wishes to be born, to slowly birth with the return of the sun. As the sun grows closer and sheds more light on our days, those wishes will grow into plans, into action, into fruition. With care and attention and the efforts of our labors, they will grow. But now, now I get to cherish the ideas, the fragile desires and wispy dreams. To patiently hold them and allow them simply to come into being.

We welcome the return of the sun in these days and begin to look forward once again to a season of growing and warmth. But not yet...not yet. For a little while longer we may rest, we may watch to see what emerges as we kindle our creative fires and cradle our infant dreams close against the cold of winter.


What fires are you lighting in these winter nights?