Locked & Loaded

As I’ve mentioned once before here in this space, I have packing issues. Like stupid ones. But I’ve been working on it and there has been some serious improvement. I admit that this is partially due to the fact that I simply don’t have as many choices these days…I donated he majority of my clothing when we moved into the camper and have been living with less in general, so I have less to choose from and am more comfortable than ever re-wearing things a few times between washes (this obviously doesn’t extend to undergarments, just in case you were concerned). And there is just the plain fact that I’ve come to deeply appreciate simplicity…being able to carry-on and not deal with lugging heavy or ginormous bags around an airport or down a city street is just easier and more comfortable.

I aspire to always carry-on and to someday be able to do that almost regardless of the length of my trip, but given the nature of my work and the fact that it’s imperative that I bring the right equipment (and back-ups) to do my job well, that won’t always be possible. But this trip to Greece is short and happening in reliably warm weather, so I’ve managed it and thought you might be curious about my packing list (I’ll be sure to add an update with any regrets/mistakes/wishes when I get back!), so here’s what I brought along for a week of travel:

In my backpack (goes in the overhead):

In my LL Bean leather tote (similar to this one)(stays with me):

  • MacBook Pro & power cord
  • 2 WD Passport harddrives
  • Journal
  • 2 Scout Books (pocket-sized for jotting quick notes as I go)
  • iPad mini (loaded with Kindle books, downloaded magazines, Skillshare classes, etc)
  • phone (loaded with audiobooks, podcasts, etc)
  • headphones
  • small pencil pouch with pens
  • A few travel snacks
  • money/credit cards
  • hand sanitizer

Clothing on plane:

  • LL Bean long knit dress in black
  • grey cardigan sweater (not sure where/when I picked it up…)
  • scarf
  • Chaco flip flops (had them forever…similar to these)

Annnnnnnd….that’s it! It’s definitely possible that I will be the stinky girl on my plane ride home, but I’m cool with that...

I can't wait to share some Greek adventures with you when I get back! In the meantime, feel free to follow along on Instagram!