Parks Pass Giveaway!!

Happy Monday, you guys!! We're starting this week off right- with a GIVEAWAY!!!


It’s no secret that I am alllllll about curiosity. The seeking of experiences that widen our perspectives, broaden our understanding, and enrich our lives is something I consider fundamental to a happy, joyous life.

But it goes beyond that.

I believe that we all benefit from beauty and space and wildness, that when each of us experiences the outdoors in whatever way works in our lives, we not only gain enjoyment, but also a stronger connection to each other and the land. This, in turn, makes us better stewards- of our resources, of our fellow humans, of our creative gifts.

I want to help you get out the door, to explore and take a moment to pause and breathe and notice- the beauty of the sunset, the small spring flower fighting its way up through the snow, the way the morning light turns the edge of the mountains golden. When we feel small but connected, our fears and our imperfections fall away and we are more liberated to take our chances, to share our gifts.

So this is my small way of encouraging you to get after it, to take a step into the unknown, the wild, and see what your curiosity uncovers.

I'm giving away an America The Beautiful annual parks pass. This pass is your ticket into more than 2,000 federal recreation sites, including all of our national parks, national monuments, national wildlife refuges, and a bunch of others!

This is my first giveaway in this space (whaaaaat?!?!?! Crazy.) and I’m super excited about it! To enter is simple:

  1. Like this post and leave a comment telling me where or how you plan to use the pass!
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and subscribe to my mailing list. 
  3. Reply to my welcome letter with an answer to my question at the end and “Parks Pass Giveaway” as the subject!
  4. If you’re already part of the family, just follow step one and and reply to any of my letters with “Parks Pass Giveaway” as the subject!
  5. For an extra entry, head over to your favorite social media platform to share and like/comment there as well - no limit!

The contest runs today through Friday, March 16, at 5pm PST. The winners will be chosen at random (the old fashioned way- names out of a hat, y'all!) on Friday and announced on Saturday, March 17 via email with an extra little gift for everyone included!

I can't wait to see what you guys do with this!!