Finding Common Ground

Here in Maine, we are lucky enough to enjoy one of the most amazing experiences in sustainability and local "makery" I've ever heard of. Each September, the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardners Association (aka MOFGA) puts on The Common Ground Fair and it is a weekend filled to bursting with insane amounts of education, culinary wonder, and the handcrafted genius of dedicated makers. I could go on all day about my love for the sheep dog demo, the talks on everything from green energy options to canning to permaculture to beekeeping to home funerals, the locally sourced and organic food stalls, the luscious yarns and carefully brewed tinctures and rich art offerings. It might be my favorite event of the year.

This year we had schedule conflicts for the weekend, but were able to run up for the day on Friday, which turned out to be rainy and chilly all morning (which, of course, made the steaming cups of hot apple cider all the more scrumptious!). I didn't shoot much as I was busy frantically scribbling notes on foraging walks and campfire cinnamon bun lessons, or simply taking in the beauty of the piles of fresh fall produce and the scent of sweet annie that filled the air. But I did manage a few images...I hope they make you feel as cozied into fall as the day did for me!