An Afternoon Cuppa

My favorite coffee shop with my favorite coffee maker...

Ummm...I wonder where we tend to get our outdoor clothing? 

Finding Winter

"Even in winter an isolated patch of snow has a special quality." ~Andy Goldsworthy

The Giving of Thanks

This week I plan to dig deep into the practice of gratitude. Not a trite platitude for things which I know I should be grateful for, but to let the real truth of the beauty in my life sink deep into my bones and to fully and unabashedly acknowledge the gifts I've been given. 

I begin today. I begin with the overwhelming gratitude that I feel for the basic fact of my very existence. I am a survivor of cancer, of violence at the hand of another, of heartbreak, and of my own poor decisions. But I am here. And I am whole. And I am enough.

And that is enough.

And for that I am so, so, so grateful.


Pssst...have you heard about REI's Opt Outside campaign? Consider trading competitive consumerism in for a day spent outdoors this Friday!

Which Way The Wind Blows

We went looking for open spaces yesterday. We went looking for mountains and for the bitter wind in our faces. We went looking for ourselves and for each other and for those versions that burst forth when freed from computer screens and email dings.

We went looking yesterday.


What have you been looking for lately?

Dinner Out

We've been dining out a lot lately…I think it's to do with the fine weather...