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Thank you so much for reaching out! I’m excited to talk with you and look forward to connecting! As the people who love me most will verify, I can be terribly awkward on the phone and have a ridiculous tendency to answer it at the exact moment my dog sees a squirrel outside and loses her mind in a frenzy of ear-splitting barking. 


Email is my friend. My very very good friend. And yours too if you’d like a coherent and even remotely succinct reply to your inquiry. Don’t hesitate to use the form here or email me directly at StayCurious@CindyGiovagnoli.comThank you!

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What? You want to take me out for coffee? I love coffee! If that’s the case, you can find me right here at home in my little camper on the road, moving somewhere new every three months! But if you aren’t anywhere near my current location and you STILL want to take me out for coffee, no problem! I am available and happy {eager, in fact!} to travel worldwide for work and coffee!

P.S. I also like ice cream, so if you’d prefer to meet for ice cream, that’s cool. Or pie. Mmmmmm, pie. Pie would also be good.