Frequently asked questions

I get lots of questions. Here are some answers!


How on earth do I pronounce that alphabet soup you call a name?

While the more authentic Italian pronunciation is something along the lines of jo-van-yo-lee, I married into a solidly New England branch of the Giovagnoli clan and thus we pronounce it jiv-an-o-lee. This is what I get for spending my childhood wishing for a last name with more than one syllable!


Have you always been a photographer and writer?

Nope. Isn’t that the beauty of insatiable curiosity? The constant discovery of new ideas and new arenas, the learning process unceasing. I have worked as an outdoor guide, marketed for a healthcare system, and completed my law degree, just to name a few branches of my employment and educational history. But words have been a part of me all my life. Between being sure that Jo March and Huck Finn and Lizzie Bennet were as strong an influence on the person I aspired to be "when I grew up" as any “real life” person, and decades of scribbling in journals and book margins and later blogging, I cannot begin to fathom a life without writing.

Photography was a bigger leap for me. Never identifying myself as an artist or creative growing up, it took a long time before my love of the images created by others translated into aspirations with a camera of my very own. Nearly a decade of learning and stretching and making mistakes later, I can’ t imagine my life without a camera any more than I can a life without words. They go hand in hand for me as I pursue the art of capturing the story before me, whether in imagery or language or both!


Can I buy prints of the images I see on your website or blog?

Most of the time, YES! Be sure to check out the Shop…you can purchase prints and wall art or miscellaneous items like notecards. If you don’t see what you are looking for, be sure to send me an email. I’m honored to have my work become a part of your home, thank you!


Do you travel?

Yes, absolutely! My work has taken me to many far away places including Haiti, India, and Eastern Europe as well as all over the US. I am always ready to pack my bags and hit the road and am available for work worldwide. Let me know what you have in mind!


How much will it cost to work with you?

In a nutshell, that totally depends on the work you are looking for! Since projects can sometimes include simple copywriting for a website or proofreading from my home office while others can include getting on a plane to both write and photograph a multi-leg journey for a larger piece, each one requires it’s own evaluation. If you have something in mind, contact me and I’m happy to pull an estimate together for your particular project. If you are looking for a portrait session or wedding coverage, more detailed pricing can be found on my portrait and wedding website.


Who are some past clients and has your work been published?

Yes! I’ve worked with many wonderful clients over the years, including companies like Go Ahead Tours, non-profits like Micronutrient Initiative, and many local businesses like Freeport Yoga, to name a few. I’ve regularly contributed both writing and imagery to Real Maine Weddings magazine and have had work featured on such blogs as Style Me Pretty.


If you could name a few “dream clients” to work with, who would they be?

That is a very long list, my friends! While I get pretty over-the-top excited at the prospect of anyone providing me with the privilege of crafting words and imagery for them, I would say that a few “dream clients” include Patagonia, AFAR magazine, and Outside magazine. Companies and publications who serve to inspire and ignite within me the desire to get out, to experience, to dig deeper are always the clients I'm most drawn to!


What is your privacy policy?

You can read my full privacy policy and disclosure here.


Did I answer your burning questions or do you have a few more? Send me an email and I look forward to connecting with you!