Winter In Maine: A Love Story

If you happen to live in New England or have been paying attention to the weather patterns around the nation, you know that this part of the country has seen some serious snow action of late! 

If social media is any indication, it would seem that the majority of my fellow New Englanders are less than thrilled with this turn in weather events (we didn't have much snow at all prior to two weeks ago!), but I am absolutely thrilled! Yes, there is shoveling to do. Yes, it has meant a lot of rescheduled appointments and a bit of extra hassle. Yes,  walking Tessie now means first putting on seventeen layers of clothing before walking out the door.


It also means the constant glow of fire in the wood stove and days where power outages result in an unexpected day off spent reading. It also means plenty of fresh tracks for cross-country skiing in the woods. It means snowshoeing. It means sledding and knitting and drinking too much coffee. It means sitting in a quiet corner under a blanket and watching the world turn white one flake at a time. It means a pile of boots dripping melting snow on the doormat and treating myself to the bright colors of hot-house tulips. It means snuggling with a very fluffy dog on the floor by the fire and staying under flannel sheets and piled comforters for one extra snooze.

I may be virtually alone in this, but I am one Maine girl who doesn't mind this snow one tiny little bit!

What are you guys doing to enjoy the weather? Do you like the winter or are you pining for the warmth of summertime?