Yoga-ing in Caye Caulker

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." 

We are all familiar with this phrase, whether from it's proverb origins or it's more sinister role in The Shining. But I've long held that the reverse is equally true. All play and no work makes Jack (or, *cough*, Jane) just as dull. 

I find a deep satisfaction in work well and truly done. In projects that challenge and stimulate me, that push my creative boundaries. I don't want to "phone it in" when it comes to my work, to show up and merely deliver the minimum expected of me. I want to push and experiment and come at the work from every conceivable angle. 

I want to grow.

Looking at these images shot for Freeport Yoga Company, now a full year old, it's thrilling to see the work done and all the growth that has occurred since.  

I am fortunate in the work that I do. I am fortunate in the clients that are drawn to my work and who hire me to do fantastic jobs for them, like capturing a yoga retreat in Belize. I am grateful every single day for being privileged to do work that I love. But make no mistake, it is, indeed, work, no matter where in the world I'm lucky enough to be doing it...and that's part of the joy as well as part of the pain.