Published: Tales To Go

I have a weakness for airport bookstores. It's a problem. Really. Not only do I tend to impulse buy  far more titles than I can actually get through on a single trip, but I then have to lug them around all over the world in my carry-ons! 

While waiting for a delayed flight as I returned home from a shoot in Canada earlier this year, I picked up an anthology called The Best Women's Travel Writing, Volume 9. I'm inclined toward anthologies during busy periods in my life, finding the short stand-alone stories offer a sense of completion and undeserved accomplishment when I can't seem to focus long enough to follow a more involved plot.  This one was a perfect companion as I jumped from Canada to El Salvador to Belize and the stories balanced the humor and insight and discovered truths inherent in travel.

After I spent one afternoon in Belize laying in a hammock frantically scribbling into my journal about a riveting encounter I'd had that morning with 91-year-old Vivanna Logan, I discovered that perhaps I had a story worth sharing and thought of the anthology sitting on the nightstand by my bed. When I eventually took those scribblings and turned them into a more coherent piece, I sent it along to Traveler's Tales, my  anthology's publisher, to see if perhaps they might be interested in it. As it turns out, they were. 

I'm pleased to share that my piece, A Goot Life, is being featured as part of Traveler's Tales's monthly online magazine, Tales To Go

There is an app available that comes with a free trial issue…check it out!